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Important PM Survey

One of my colleagues, and friends, Alex S. Brown, PMP, asked me to publicize this survey for project managers. I’m happy to do so.

If you’ve ever considered yourself in an executive management position at your company – or any company – then this survey is for you. It is a comprehensive survye, so please allow about one hour to complete it. Here is the official invitation.

Subject: Invitation to Program and Project Managers to Participate in an Important PM Research Project

All Program and Project Managers around the world are urged to contribute to an important research project co-sponsored by PMI and the ESC-Lille Business School (France.) The project is titled “Project Managers as Senior Executives?” and focuses on these questions:

Does experience as a program or project manager lead to senior executive positions? Are there differences in this regard within project-driven versus project dependent organizations in business, industry, and government?

The research will attempt to prove or disprove these three hypotheses:

In competing for CEO & other top jobs, Project Managers:
1. Have disadvantages compared with traditional “functional” managers
2. Need to become Program Managers and PMO directors to achieve top positions
3. Have experience similar to that required by successful CEOs and other senior executives; if so, this should be recognized more that it is at present.

For a more complete description of this research project please go to

This research is being conducted with a three-pronged approach:
1. Interviews with CEOs and other Senior Executives in 10 countries.
2. On-line interview/surveys of Program and Project Managers in many countries and business, industrial, and governmental sectors.
3. Literature search and analysis.

To participate by completing the on-line interview/survey: Program and Project Managers in any country of the world are invited to go to] to complete the interview/survey, which will take most people about 1 hour to finish. If you wish to see the complete interview/survey prior to completing it on-line you can download it here:

Benefits to You: Participants will gain these benefits from completing the on-line interview/survey:

• Insight into the pros and cons of this research project
• Ideas for further investigation by you
• Credit for you and your PM organizations in the final report
• Networking with our Project Team members
• PMI PDU credit for the time spent

Interviews with CEOs and Other Senior Executives: You are also invited to participate further in this research effort by arranging and conducting one or more interviews with CEOs or other Senior Executives. To download the project Guidelines for Interviewing CEOs and Other Senior Executives please go to:

Persons conducting these important interviews will gain the benefits listed above PLUS the important personal exposure that they will experience from the face-to-face time spent with the CEOs or Senior Executives whom they interview.

The cut-off date for the on-line survey and the face-to-face CEO/Senior Executive interviews is December 15, 2007. For further information on this research project please contact Prof. Jean-Pierre Debourse at <> or Russ Archibald at <>.

Please feel free to forward this invitation to all of your colleagues whom you believe will be interested in participating in this PM research project.

Best regards,
The PMI-ESC Lille Research Project Team

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