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Coming UnScrooged

A new book for executives, and project managers, has recently been published. It’s called Coming UnScrooged, written by A. Drayton Boylston, a well-known executive coach.

Based on the classic Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol, Boylston gives us the story of a modern CEO. This executive has lost his bearings in a world of wealth and success. He’s also about to lose his family and his job. Cutting corners is taking a toll on his life – one that he doesn’t even recognize.

Boylston calls himself a “Rescued Executive,” so he knows what he’s talking about. His vision is to rescue one million executives from the lives that they have created for themselves. Lives that are frantic and filled with anxiety. Lives where the money is good, but the living ain’t easy.

Want to help an executive rescue him/herself? Give them this book. It not only shows the problems, but also the solutions.

This book is easy to read, so get a copy soon. You might recognize someone you know, work for, or – maybe – even yourself.

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