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Formerly certified project management professional

It finally happened. That email to inform me that PMI has suspended my PMP certification.

I planned for this. I expected this. I was wondering exactly when it would happen.

Now that it has, I’m truly relieved. I hadn’t intended to renew my certification ever again, so it wasn’t a surprise. And it didn’t feel like the end of my life – I mean career.

Relief. Plain old relief. That’s what I feel.

And a sense of urgency to change all my email signatures and websites. I probably need to change LinkedIn, too.

I haven’t trusted that PMI verifies the information on the application for certification, so it has meant very little to me personally. Professionally, it never did very much for me – despite all the claims from PMI that it would.

I still have all my project management knowledge. That didn’t disappear with the certification.

So I’m very happy. And relieved.

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