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New Book about Procurement!

This is so exciting! A colleague of mine has co-authored a new book about procurement. While that’s exciting all by itself, what really excites me is that he’s incorporated project management into the procurement process. Yippee! The Procurement Game Plan – Winning Strategies and Techniques for Supply Management Professionals by Charles Dominick and Dr. Soheila […]

Troubled Projects

We hear about projects that don’t meet the requirements set up for them. Sometimes the budget is over-run. Sometimes the schedule is blown apart. Other times it’s the scope – exactly what the project is expected to produce. Projects can be troubled in any area – project team dynamics, stakeholder problems, risks that weren’t identified, […]

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How a project plan is like a musical score

An orchestra conductor uses a musical score to direct a piece of music. Every instrument has a different part to play. It’s in the way that these parts work together that music is created. Each instrument has its own part. The sheets of music that each musician uses tell exactly when, and what, to play. […]