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3 Secrets . . . from Gary Bencivenga

And it’s finally here . . . that follow-up article from Gary Bencivenga, copywriter and thinker.

In addidtion to the Pareto Rule (80/20 rule), Gary talks about the two most productive hours in any day. The all important first hour of the day, and the surprising last hour of the day.

Gary writes the first hour of his day. He doesn’t spend it on breakfast or exercise or TV. He uses that first hour to write. He’s a copy writer – one of the best in the world – and his most profitable work is writing. He writes for at least one hour.

As a project manager, supervisor, executive, etc., what is your most profitable activity? Creating your vision? Creating a strategy? Solving a problem? Learning?

Whatever moves you forward in your job and career, that’s what you can focus on for that all important first hour every day.

The surprise hour that helps Gary is the hour before he goes to sleep. He makes the point that our subconscious mind works out all kinds of things for us. And it gets more time and energy to do that while we’re asleep.

Do you have a complicated problem to solve at work? Turn it over to your subconscious right before you go to sleep. Then when you wake up, you’ll have at least one option for solving the problem.

See how that works? Give the problem to your brain before you go do sleep, then use the first hour you’re awake to write down all the ideas that your brain gives back to you. Synergy!

To read Gary’s article, and I think he explains all of this very well, click on the link.

I’ll keep you informed as Gary passes on more of his knowledge.

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