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Why are you a project manager?

Are you one of the millions of “accidental” project managers? You were assigned a project and told when it has to be complete? No budget. No other people on the team. Just you, an idea of what the project is, and a deadline.

Not a very comfortable place, is it?

But for those of us who chose to be project managers, the story is a little different. Take mine, for example.

I get easily bored. Who doesn’t?!? (smile)

I love looking at the “big” picture while planning the details to make it happen.

From what I’ve read, that makes me one of a small number of people on this planet. And I think it’s a vital part of what a project manager needs to be able to do. Keep the project goal firmly in sight, while putting the roadmap in place.

I also love managing groups of people at almost anything. People are the reason that any jobs are interesting – for me. Kind of an odd confession for an engineer, huh?

Project management keeps me involved, challenged, and never bored.

Well, on second thought, I did get bored managing construction projects – but, hey, that can stay between us, can’t it? (smile)

Easily bored and find people fascinating – an unbeatable combination for a project manager.

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